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What is HRIS? What is HRMS & What is e-HR ?

July 24, 2010 Leave a comment

HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

It is the collection of Information on employees. HRIS is nothing but the HR part of MIS (Management Information System). These are answers from HR manager to respond to the management; for examples: What is our current employee strength? , How many employees have been hired in the last month? , What is our training budget? How much we have spent on recruitment and training? , How many people to retire in current month, How many people are on transfer? etc.

These are mere numbers. It tells us “WHAT”, “WHEN”, “HOW MUCH” or “HOW MANY”.

But, HRIS is silent on “WHY?” & “HOW?”

HRIS is more ‘Reactive’ and does go for a ‘Post Mortem’ of HR activities. This may or may not require a computer. In HRIS, a computer does not add value to HR activities. But, it saves time. In Computerized HRIS, data retrieval becomes fast and simple.

HRMS (Human Resources Management System)

As we all know that information is power. That’s why we learn about HRIS. But, Information is nothing but ‘codified Data’.  There can be information overload if we can not manage it. It not important what information we have. But, it is most important is that ‘how we use such information ‘ . There comes HRMS. It is an effort to manage the information pertaining to HR. Example: The How part. We have ten years data (information) on employee attrition, labour turnover, etc. But, we if can not find out the rate, the percentage, the frequency and most importantly, the differentiated areas of concern, then, the information is ‘useless‘. HRMS diagnose the problem area. How this has occurred, when it has occurred, the gravity of the issue. But, does not ‘Prescribe’ anything. The prescription is left to Humans (the HR Managers).

e-HR (electronic HR)

The term e-HR was coined by HRMAGIC.NET in the year Dec-2000. The concept is something like e-Mail and Ordinary Mail. The former  replaced the later. Similarly,  e-HR replaced the traditional HR with its electronic intelligence. e-HR talks more on the ‘prescriptive‘ part of HR. We have data, information, Now we also could manage it. Its time to act upon. e-HR tells you the way to act.

  • HRIS-Reactive / Post mortem (What and When Happened?)
  • HRMS-Proactive / diagnostic (How Happened?)
  • e-HR-Prescriptive (The root cause analysis and the Way forward.)

electronic HR

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