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Winning attitude as a strategic move

Fear Factor

In majority of cases we do not win because we have convinced ourselves we can not win. Mostly for FEAR of failure or FEAR of success. Fear limits us. The word fear  can be seen as False Evidence Appearing Real. It creates road blocks and stumbling blocks and lead us into self-defeating behavior, which in turn lead to complete immobilization. Fear keeps us from trying, and if we do not try we never get beyond where we are now. Fear erodes our self -esteem, corrupts our self-confidence and over time convinces us that we are looser. We can take charge of ourselves and our lives. And once we take charge, we can be, do and have anything we want.Positive mental Attitude (PMA)We are rich because we are born with incredible minds. We each have as standard operating equipment 18 billion brain cells. They ask only for direction. To use our minds, we only have to tell them where we want to go, what we want to achieve. If we really know what we want, our minds can take us from where we are to where we want to be.We know that the human mind has two basic parts– the conscious and the sub-conscious. The conscious determines what, the sub-conscious figures out how. Great thinking attracts great results. Mediocre thinking attracts mediocre results.The mind can think and go anywhere it wants to go. The mind can figure out where you are and take you where you want to be. All we have to do is to know what our goals are. Goals are like magnets. They pulls us towards them. Goals are great but by themselves they can be undirected. So to have a purpose is necessary. When we have a clear purpose , we won’t have time for negativity.Focusing our energy Focusing our energy in a single direction can work for us. If we want something and we keep our mind focused on getting it , we will eventually achieve it. Our belief determines our action , and our action determines our results. Better feedback from our results generally improves our attitude and future new results. But first we have to believe. That is why visualization is important. There we we see the picture of our desired future in our mind’s eye. It’s important, when we first introduced to visualization, we must understand to visualize completely. Since we won’t  always be visualizing some specific goal, it’s important that we create a number of master visualization that allows us to grow , develop and flourish in every area of our life: be it social, financial, mental or spiritual. There are some procedures and steps that let us focus our energy in a very constructive way. Like relaxing the body in the first step, then opening the inner eye to the stage of imagination, using past successful experiences, start with end result in your mind and at last closing your imagination  in a relaxing and inspiring way.

 You WIN or you LOOSE in a particular situation, it doesn’t matter and that can’t brand you a winner or looser, if you are clear about your GOAL, you know what you want to do with your knowledge, idea and experience and you work for it, you can WIN and you will WIN a large slice of life.

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