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For Winners Winning is an ART (Vol-2)

Use Showmanship to your advantage

Skill of making an artistic performance distinctive, effective and appealing to an audience is nothing but showmanship. If you know your job clearly and can execute it perfectly , you will be successful . If do not know the whole idea at the first stage but you figure out  what to do quickly without ever letting anyone that you didn’t know it exactly in the first place. Then you will be a winner. Showmanship is nothing but perfect timing to hide or to show off your real self.

Act like you know what you are doing

Most people won’t jump into a swimming pool until they know how to swim. Winners do not hesitate to jump into the middle of the swimming pool and then figure out how to swim and then swim using excellent form even if they never swam before. Winners are always adventurous. Without any hesitation they dive into new new work arena just to prove themselves. People only grow and develop when they perform something new, something untried, something venturesome.

Showing charisma

Charisma is the power to attract and influence other people. It can be very much natural or it can be groomed. You can act charismatic without being charismatic to the core of your self. Other people create impression of you based on how you act, regardless of how you may think of yourself .

Here are the ingredients that leads to be charismatic to other people.

1. Show  No Tenseness: Charismatic people look poised, calm and in control in every situation. To act calm you have to feel calm, for that take a deep breath anytime you feel less than calm, or hold your hand in the same position  you hold them when you feel extremely proud of yourself.

2. Dare to show off: If you are adventurous and you have taken a risk which no ordinary man would take then dare to show it to people that you are a risk taker with a sportive spirit.

3. Act confident: Acting charismatically confident is like being pregnant, either you are pregnant or you are not. Tentative words do not exist in their dictionary.

4. Express Ideas knowing you are right: People make right or wrong opinions about an idea, which is very much personal to them. So everybody has got an opportunity to say something about a topic. Being confident, willing to stick up and staying calm make it very easy for a person acting charismatic to present his ideas as right.

5. Act Positive: Winners always think positively even if they are in a difficult situation. “I can do it” attitude remains a super imposed attitude for what ever they do. Their attitude and approach towards a situation makes them different from the crowd.

En-cash your positive attitudes

Negative attitudes leads to negative results. If you expect failure, you will taste failure.

Do’s and don’ts in a business behavior

Attire that matters

Always making people feel ultra special

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